Henry H. Sizer House

Another early dwelling upon Niagara Square was owned by Henry H. Sizer, whose wealth came from produce and shipping interests . The red brick house was erected in 1836 by Benjamin Rathbun, Buffalo's first speculative builder and was a far more urban-looking structure than theWilkeson house.

The Sizer house, which was the first building in Buffalo to be illuminated by gas lights, survived well into the twentieth century when, in an expanded form, it served

For much more information, see Sizer Mansion a Tie to Notable Buffalo Families, reprinted from Courier Express Aug. 1, 1926

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Henry Huntington / Sizer Mansion

The Henry Huntington Sizer Mansion, built in 1827

Left: Mary Barnard Richmond, daughter of W. Eugene and Mary Barnard Richmond

"The Spencer Kellogg & Sons, Inc. company, was incorporated in 1912 with its headquarters in Buffalo."

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