The sculpture in the south facade pediment tympanum represents the forces of civilization and was carved by Charles N. Neihaus, who did the equally academic statue of "Lincoln, the Emancipator," dedicated in 1902, on the portico steps.


  • Husbandry - a matron,
  • History - holding the hourglass of time and mirror of the past, is shown in the prime of manhood in the center,
  • Science - goddess of the lamp, depicted with globe and dividers,
  • Mars - armored, his sword now at rest,
  • Religion - maiden of the palm leaf, kneeling before the altar of devotion,
  • Law - serious minded youth

Note the guttae and triglyphs and metope below the pediment.

Top of pediment: honeysuckle ornament (also over the main entrance door on the opposite side of the building)