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The grooved projecting blocks between the metopes in a Doric frieze

Triglyphs are vertical blocks, usually aligned over and between each column. They consist of two vertical grooves (glyphs), bordered by two hemi- or half-glyphs (hence the triglyph or three-glyph).

Triglyphs are distinctive in the
Doric order.

Origin of triglyphs: In early times, before stone was substituted for wood in Greek temples, the ends of beams that projected beyond walls were cut off and ornamented with boards painted with blue wax.

Guttae (drops) are small drop-like projections carved under the triglyphs (and in the mutules under the cornice)

Found in classical Greek and Roman architecture and derivatives, including Beaux Arts Classicism, Classical Revival, Federal, Georgian Revival, Greek Revival, Neoclassicism, Renaissance Revival, Second Empire

Examples from Buffalo architecture::

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