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2005 photos - Ambulatory
St. Denis Basilica,  Paris, France

An "ambulatory" is the covered walkway outside the chancel and around the apse of a church. On the side of the ambulatory facing the outer wall, there are chapels that extend the outer wall. Ambulatories are somewhat rare in America, but common in Europe.

Suger's conception of the ambulatory with its "radiating" chapels was partnered with filtered light through stained-glass windows, which he personally looked after with great care. Fourteen windows, two per radiating chapel, were ornamented with stained-glass windows following his directives. Eight of them bore decorative stained-glass windows showing winged griffins.

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Ambulatory with "radiating" chapels

Ribbed Gothic vault

Chapel with two stained glass windows

Detail from previous photo - mosaic floor







Winged griffin

Mosaic floor

Mosaic floor - Quatrefoil pattern

King Dagobert (d. 639) Monument

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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