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St. Roch RC Church
296 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
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Foundation stone laid by Louis XIV in 1653.
Upper section has
Baroque (1600-1750) features.

Baroque shell

Baroque scroll

Chamber music concert in a chapel

Chapel detail

Chapel detail

Chapel detail





Baroque confessional

Baroque confessional - detail

Baroque confessional - detail

Baroque confessional - detail

A huge church designed by Lemercier, architect of the Louvre. Its foundation stone was laid by Louis XIV in 1653.

Jules Hardouin-Mansart added the large Lady Chapel with its richly decorated dome and ceiling in the 18th century and two additional chapels extended the church to 413 ft. (126 m), just short of Notre-Dame.

It is a treasure house of religious art, much of it from now-vanished churches and monasteries. It also contains the tombs of theplaywright Pierre Corneille,the royal gardener André LeNotre and the philosopher Denis Diderot. The façades reveal marks of Napoleon's attack, in 1795, on royalist troops who were defendingthe church steps.

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