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Elk Market Terminal/ Lofts@Elk Terminal

230 Scott Street, Buffalo, NY
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For much of Buffalo's life, the public market was an integral hub of activities for its citizens. At the turn of the 20th century, in addition to the Elk Street Market (established 1845), there was the

The old Elk Street Market gave way to New York Central's nearby Elk Market Terminal. The 1919 Elk Market truck/rail terminal is U-shaped, because that was the most economical way to organize the temporary storage spaces. Trains would unload at one end and then the trucks would drive in and pick up their goods at specially marked loading docks.

The activities at the terminal were, in time, largely superseded by the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal on Buffalo's East Side.

Lofts@Elk Terminal
Buffalo, like other cities, is converting vacant warehouses and factories into lofts. The Elk market truck/rail terminal is being turned into luxury loft apartments. As of November 2002, the first 28 units in the east terminal are rented. Additionally, some west terminal lofts are being placed on the market. See Industrial Style.

Construction is by Peyton Barlow, the same firm that worked on The Mansion on Delaware.

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One of Elk Terminal's neighbors is the H-O Oats grain elevator (vacant). For photos and history on H-O see Historic American Buildings Survey

East terminal

East terminal

East terminal

West terminal: Loading docks are becoming patios

Industrial Style.

West terminal: Hall stairway

East terminal: Two-level loft under construction.

Industrial Style
East terminal: Interior half-walls, screens, large plants and creative furniture placement can divide the space for bedroom, kitchen living rooms, etc.

West terminal: Model.
Exposed brick wall and 14-foot ceiling height, and ductwork

West terminal: Model

West terminal: Model

West terminal: Model

Map courtesy of Lofts@Elk Terminal


Special thanks to First Amherst Development Group and Realtor Carole Holcberg for their cooperation and assistance



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