The Movies in Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Mitchel and Moe Mark/Vitascope Theatre:

Buffalo's Mark brothers opened the world's first movie theater, Vitascope Theatre, in the Ellicott Square Building in 1896

Mitchel and Moe Mark and Early Movie History in Buffalo - Table of Contents

Vitascope Theater

Photos of theaters:

North Park Theater

Olympic Movie Theatre
- Demolished

Riviera Theatre, North Tonawanda

Sattler Theatre

Shea's Buffalo

Lafayette Theater  Demolished

Star Theatre Postcard   Demolished

30 Buffalo Movie Theaters Al Lapp collection

Ranjit Sandhu, Buffalo's Forgotten Theaters Includes photos and history of Savoy, Sattler, Abbott, Frontier, Mirror, Circle, Steve Brodie's Saloon

11 Buffalo Theaters Includes Shea's Vaudeville, Shea's Buffalo, Olympic, Granada, Genesee, Allendale, Rivoli, Teck, Paramount, Great Lakes

An Oral and Visual History of Buffalo Movie Theaters Includes photos of Gayety, Genesee, Hippodrome, Lafayette, Shea's Theater, Shea's Buffalo, Teck

Theater history, without photos:

Buffalo’s Film Row  Excerpt from - 2013 Preservation Ready Survey of Buildings Downtown, Northland and Fougeron/Urban Survey Areas

Cinema History Around the World: Buffalo CinemaTour website. Includes address, date erected, date closed, alternate names, of all of Buffalo's theatres. Be sure to view the continued list on a second page.

Rivest's Ultimate List of Buffalo Movie Theatres 245 theatres listed

Carl Zoschke, Map - 81 Buffalo, NY, Movie Theatres 1920s/50s

Edward Summer, Types of Early Movie Theaters

David Fisher, Motion picture exhibition: a classification Vitascope Theater listed

Rick Cohen, Celebrating 75 Years of Drive-In Movies Lists twenty drive-ins which once operated in Erie and Niagara Counties


Alphabetical List - Movies Shot in and around Buffalo, NY 197 films. Buffalo International Film Festival website

Alphabetical Lists - Titles with locations including Buffalo: 202 matching titles, including TV. Internet Movie Data Base website

Chronological List - Movies Filmed in Buffalo, NY

The Western New York Entertainment Hall of Fame Includes portraits by George Palmer of Lucille Ball, Michael Bennett, Mark Russell, Buffalo Bob Smith, etc.

Forest Lawn Cemetery and Hollywood

Al Boasberg
Buffalonian who was one of the great gag writers

H. Bruce "Lucky" Humberstone Director born in Buffalo

Movie clips from movies with locations in Buffalo:

Roy C. Gunter Jr., Hollywood Comes to American Optical Co. Story of Buffalo's American Optical Company's role in the development of 70mm Todd-AO process

Thomas Hauerslev, 65mm Todd-AO Concept Tests Includes a still from a movie filmed at Ellicott Creek Park


Buffalo International Film Festival

First Buffalo Motion Picture History Tour is Big Success!

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage Day:

Special thanks to Edward Summer for his  assistance

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