Buffalo Movie Theaters

Shea's Buffalo Theatre/Shea's Performing Arts Center
646 Main Street, Buffalo, New York
Shea's Performing Arts Center includes Shea's Buffalo Theatre, Shea's Smith Theatre and Shea's Pavilion Parking

Shea's Performing Arts Center - Official Home Page

Stage and Lobby rentals: 716-829-1192


Tim Bohen, Michael Shea – The Improbable Entertainer

Nomination for the National Register

Theater Timeline: 1925-2005

Buffalo Spree, Looking Back... A Timeline of  Shea's History

Arlan Peters, The Wonder of it All: Michael Shea's Buffalo Theatre

Buffalo Theater Facts and Figures

Photo of Michael Shea / 2 postcards of the Shea's Buffalo Theater / Photo of Court Street Theater

Lalli & Rote, Shea's Buffalo  Watercolor and history

Jeff Schober, The majesty of Shea’s Performing Arts Center: what you've never known before


2002 photos - Main Street Facade

2004, 2014 photos -
Main Street Facade  Includes repicated blade, pediment

2015 photos - Pearl  St. Elevation


2002 photos - Lobbies

2009 photos - Lobbies and Hall Includes reproduction drapery and stenciling

2002 photos - Restoration

2009 photos - Baroque Revival table

2009 photos - 2009 Carpet Replacement Project

2014 photos - 2014 Restored Auditorium Project

2015 photos - 2015 Stage Curtain Replacement Project

2015 photos - Ticket office

The Western New York Entertainment Hall of Fame

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Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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