Buffalo Park and Parkway System - Table of Contents

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
Previously named The Parade, Humboldt Park

1868 1872, 1876

Historic Illustrations - The Parade House

Historic Analysis

The Buffalo Museum of Science

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Historic District Listed on the State & National Registers of Historic Places

1896 Buffalo Map

S. M. Broderick, The Parade Essay, illustrations

Mark Goldman, The Scajaquada Expressway Disrupts a Community History

Mark Goldman, The destruction of Humboldt Parkway: based on a roundtable interview with people who lived in the neighborhood during the 1950s and ‘60s.

Francis R. Kowsky. The Parade and Fillmore Avenue This is an excerpt from Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey: City of Buffalo: Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood.

Francis R. Kowsky, Olmsted's Buffalo Park and Parkway System Illustrations and history

James Napora, Humboldt Park History

Martha Neri, The Humboldt Park Trial Rose Garden

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