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Patrick J. Mahoney, AIA

Patrick J. Mahoney is a licensed architect and associate in the Amherst, NY-based firm of Lauer-Manguso & Associates. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the State University at Buffalo. His professional work is extensive in office, medical, and retail buildings.

He was "compelled to become an architect" when in 1979 he experienced Frank Lloyd Wright's
Fallingwater. His inability to capture the feeling of Fallingwater in two dimensional media led to a goal of experiencing all of Mr. Wright's extant works on a first hand basis. Mr. Mahoney has achieved 95% of this goal at this point in time. These visits enabled Mr. Mahoney to meet many original clients of Frank Lloyd Wright.

In 1997 , Mr. Mahoney was a founding member of the
Graycliff Conservancy. The Conservancy was established with the intention of acquiring the circa 1926 estate and returning it to its 1930 appearance, while using it for educational purposes. The Conservancy now owns the Isabelle R. Martin Estate, Graycliff, in Evans , N.Y., 14 miles Southwest of Buffalo, N.Y. He is also the Vice-President of the Conservancy and Chairman of the design committee that oversees the restoration of the estate. Over the past five years he has directed both professional and volunteer forces in the removal of non original alterations to the estate. He served as Project Architect for the recently completed on-site visitor center project.

He has extensively photographed the estate as well as many extant Frank Lloyd Wright designed structures. He published an article entitled "Unbuilt Wright" in the Spring 1999 issue of Western New York Heritage Magazine documenting the extensive work of Frank Lloyd Wright designed but not built.

In the early 1980s Mr. Mahoney began to collect historic postcards of Western New York. Since that time the collection has grown to include several other specialty areas including naval architecture, buildings by
Frank Lloyd Wright, buildings by Louis Sullivan, and buildings by H. H. Richardson.

Mr. Mahoney's recent architectural work includes the renovated Village Shopping Center in East Aurora, N.Y., a design based upon a structure of Frank Lloyd Wright's demolished in 1929.

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