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Exterior - M&T Bank
One M&T Plaza, , Main Street at North Division, Buffalo, NY




Minoru Yamasaki assisted by Duane Lyman and Associates



General contractor:

John W. Cowper Co.

Steel supplier:

Bethlehem Steel Co.



Plaza Sculpture:

Harry Bertoia

Exterior building material:

  • 3300 tons of V-50 tubular steel for columns
  • 2700 tons of additional steel
  • High density white marble concrete
  • First two floors are faced with white Taconic (from Vermont) and green marble.

Total cost:

$12 million

Bank founded:

Manufacturers and Traders Bank (photo) founded by Pascal Pratt and Bronson Rumsey in Buffalo in 1856

Earlier buildings on the site:

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Seated: Minoru Yamasaki and M&T President Charles W. Millard, Jr
Standing: M&T Executive Dudley M. irwin and [Buffalo] Architect Duane Lyman
Source: M&T files / Buffalo News, August 28, 1963

The core - March 1966  ...  Source: "M&T Observer," May 10, 1967

Source: M&T files / Courier Express, March 18, 1966

Caption: Superstructure towers over downtown Buffalo - May 1966  ...  Source: "M&T Observer," May 10, 1967


2006 photo

Bottom floor: white marble facing  ...  Upper floors: high density concrete with smaller pores (self-cleaning during rain)  ...  2002 photo

4,000 windows glazed with heat-absorbing glass extending from floor to ceiling on each floor  ...  2002 photo

High density white marble concrete with smaller pores. The precast concrete facade is embedded with chips and dust of white Georgia marble and white silica sand ground to a satin finish.  ...  2002 photo

2016 photo

Spandrel panels: bronze-toned, anodized aluminum with a slender rose-bud vase design embossed on it  ...  2002 photo

Main entrance with Harry Bertoia fountain in foreground plaza.  ...  Columns are sheathed in white Taconic marble from Vermont  ...  2002 photo

Bertoia fountain  ...  2002 photo

Bertoia fountain  ... 
St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral steeple in background  ...   Main Place Mall Tower in Main Place Mall  ...  2006 photo

2016 photo

South and East Elevations

South elevation  ...  2015 photo

Rear / east elevation facing Washington St.  ...  2006 photo

Rear (East elevation, Washington St.) of building with extruding "spine" which contains mechanicals like elevator shaft, heating eqt., plumbing, etc.  ...  21 story spine constructed in two weeks using the continuous pour slip form method ceveloped in Buffalo in 1906  ...  2002 photo

East elevation on Washington Street

Looking intoa the buikding on Washington Street (east elevation)

Minoru Yamasaki’s One M&T Bank Building, an outstanding example of an International style office building.

With the M&T Building, Yamasaki incorporated a design that was later fully realized in his design for the World Trade Center in New York. The building’s vertical support-columned exterior with larger, elongated windows at the top floors allow for expansive, open work spaces with no interior columns.

The base of the building has a white and green marble exterior while only white marble is used on the upper.

M&T Bank Building is part of the City’s iconic architectural legacy.

- 2013 Preservation Ready Survey of Buildings Downtown, Northland and Fougeron/Urban Survey Areas  Section 4, p. 30 (online May 2016)

Special thanks to M&T Manager Corporate Communications C. Michael Zabel for his assistance

Except where noted otherwise, color photos and their arrangement 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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