Edwin Lang Miller House - Table of Contents

Edwin Lang Miller House
175 Nottingham Terrace, Buffalo, NY

Duane Lyman of Bley & Lyman
Tudor Revival
First owner:
 House erected 1929-1933, for widowed Annie Lang Miller (1862-1932?) who died before the building was completed.
 Her son, Edwin Lang Miller, inherited the house.
Square footage:
12,000 sq.ft.

2003 Decorators' Show House
Sponsored by Junior League of Buffalo / The Buffalo News

Photographs were taken on January 21, 2003 -- while basic interior renovation was still taking place -- and before 50 decorators applied their art to transform the building into a show house.

Special thanks to owners Gerald and Natalie Schaffer, Intern Architect Thomas P. Breen, and Show Chairwoman Patty O'Brien for their cooperation and assistance.

Show Houses - Table of Contents

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2003 Color Photos

Built 1923 to 1933

12,000-square-foot English manor-style mansion

South elevation on Nottingham Terr.

Main entrance ("frontispiece": ornamental doorway).

Detail from previous photo: Ogee/Venetian arch

Detail from previous photo.
Corbel with grape vine decoration

Detail from previous photo: oriel to left of main entrance

Corbel support for oriel: phoenix motif

South elevation pavilion with 2-story parapeted bay

Detail from previous photo: grape and acanthus motifs

Onondaga limestone Gothic-style battlement

Detail from previous photo: gargoyle


Diamond pattern on chimney pots

Left side (west) crenelated entrance

Pointed Gothic windows with trefoil design;

Detail from previous photo

1931 Photo House owner: Edwin Lang Miller

2008 photos

Renaissance style fountain   ...   In 2004, the house was sold to Rick Snowden who added a fountain relocated to his front lawn from a Newport, RI mansion and a 3 car garage (Buffalo Rising online June 2018).   ...   Three details below:

Photos and their arrangement 2003, 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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