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Catania, Sicily
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Baroque Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha

Pendant bellflowers hang from the capital

Cathedral cupola from afar

Cathedral Norman transept

Cathedral Norman wall in the transept

Baroque features

Gilded Baroque table features C scrolls





Papyrus plants.
Catania is well known for its paper production using papyrus

Baroque corbel with a carved grotesque supports a balcony

Baroque corbels

Detail from previous photo.




A late Renaissance style building




Catania is the second largest city of Sicily after Palermo. Situated between the Ionian Sea and slopes of Mount Etna, it has used black lava from the Etna eruptions as building material.

The cathedral is noted for its original Norman apses and transept. The facade, with two tiers of columns, is fully Baroque thanks to the design of G. B. Vaccarini, who also designed the left-hand side of the Cathedral after the severe earthquake of 1693.

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