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Albright, John J.


Industrialist; major contributor to Albright Art Gallery 1 (Chap. 14)
Albright, Susan Fuller


John J. Albright's wife 10
Astor, John Jacob


One of America's wealthiest men 22
Atkins, Miss


Macaulay lower-school principal 1
Barrett, Louisa


Narrator 1
Bates, Daniel Henry


Protest leader against Niagara Falls power companies based on J. Horace McFarland 15
Bethune, Louise Blanchard


Architect 2
Bethune, Robert


Architect; Louise Blanchard Bethune's husband 6
Bull, Police Superintendent


Burnham, Daniel


Architect who designed Ellicott Square Building 1
Butler (Edward)


Owner of The News, one of two principal newspapers at the time 4
Cary, Dr. Charles


1852-1931. Professor of Anatomy, Dean of the UB Medical School. Cary hall is named after him. 6
Cary, Evelyn Rumsey


Designed Pan-Am official poster; wife of Dr. Charles Cary 6
Cary, Julia Love


Widow; sister of Maria Love 11
Cary, Seward


One of Maria Love's adult cousins 10
Carrere, John J.


Chairman of the Pan-Am Board of Architects 1
Cleveland, Frances Folsom


Buffalonian who married Grover Cleveland in the White House 2 (32)
Cleveland, Grover
Buffalonian elected US president 2 (Chap. 11, 32)
Coatsworth, Francesca


Fictional character, but there was a prominent Coatsworth family, and Francesca's house is clearly based on the Coatsworth House on Cottage St.  
Coatsworth, Freddie


Head of the Coatsworth family; Francesca's cousin 26
Cornell, Dr.


Dr. Peter C. Cornell (Katharine's father, not her grandfather), who gave up medicine around 1900/01 to become the local impresario mentioned on page 158.
Fiske, Franklin


Relative of Susan Fiske Rumsey; visits Buffalo supposedly to photograph industrial buildings 3 (21)
Fitzhugh, James


Acting chief engineer of the Niagara Frontier Power Co. swept to his death in water around Three Sisters Islands 17
Folsom, Frances
Buffalonian who married Grover Cleveland in the White House 2
French, Daniel Chester


Famous American sculptor, 1850-1931 1
Fronczyk, Maddie


Macaulay student 5
Fronczyk, Peter


Brother of Maddie Fronczyk; rising employee of Tom Sinclair 5
Gilder, Richard Watson
Editor of Century magazine; close friend of Pres. Cleveland 3
Halpin, Mrs.


Bore Pres. Cleveland's child; institutionalized by Cleveland 4
Hoyt, Dr. Austin


Superintendent of the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane 9
Hubbard, Elbert


Larkin Soap Co sales genius; founder of Roycrofters 15


Louisa Barrett's Polish servant 1
Krakauer, Frederick


Employee of Mr. Morgan who is stationed in Buffalo (Chap 14)
Larkin, John D.


Soap manufacturer 4
Letson, Elizabeth


Director of the Museum of the Society of natural Sciences 15
Love, Maria


Prominent Buffalonian; founder of Fitch Crèche,the first day care center in the US 6 (Chap. 7)
McKinley, Pres. William


McKinley, Mrs. Ida


Wife of Pres. McKinley  
Milburn, John


Prominent Buffalonian; President of the Pan-Am Board of Directors; Pres. McKinley died in his house.  
Milburn, Patty


Wife of John Milburn 11
O'Flarity, Billy


Power company employee 5
Olmsted, Frederick Law


America's best known landscape architect. He and Calvert Vaux designed the Buffalo park system, the first city park system in the US 2
Perlmutter, Dr.


Assisted pregnant student Abigail Rushman 11
Richardson, H. H


Important American architect; designed Buffalo Psychiatric Center 9
Riley, Susannah


Macaulay art teacher 2 (17)


Power company worker who is injured in accident 5
Roosevelt, Alice


Wife of Theodore Roosevelt 18
Roosevelt, Theodore


Vice-president; inaugurated President at Wilcox house after Pres. McKinley's assassination 18 (19)
Rumsey, Bronson


Prominent Buffalonian; family owned the site of the Pan-Am 8
Rumsey, Dexter P.


Prominent Buffalonian; family owned the site of the Pan-Am 1
Rumsey, Ruth
Daughter of Dexter Rumsey  
Rumsey, Susan Fiske


Cousin of Franklin Fiske 3
Rushman, Abigail


Macaulay student 5
Rushman, Fritz


Abigail Rushman's father 13
Rushman, Mrs.


Abigail Rushman's mother; example of social climber that is satirized in novel  
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus


Important American sculptor; sculpted Albright-Knox caryatids 1
Scatcherd, John N.


Prominent Buffalonian 1
Sellstedt, Lars


Buffalo society portrait painter 4
Sheehan, Mrs.


Sinclair servant 2
Sinclair, Grace


Louisa Barrett's godchild 1
Sinclair, Margaret


Deceased; mother of Grace Sinclair.
Margaret Sinclair. is based on the real-life character of Margaret Winspear (pages 34 and 685). In the novel she married Tom Sinclair, and thus became Margaret Sinclair. So the character Margaret Sinclair is fictional, but she is based on a real person. (Thanks to Gloria Bostaph for this clarification)
Sinclair, Tom


Grace Sinclair's father; manager of the Niagara Falls power company 2
Speyer (pron. SPY' er), Karl


Murdered power company engineer 2
Remington, Mary


Established Remington Mission, a settlement house, in Buffalo 21
Statler, Ellsworth


Restaurateur at Ellicott Square Bldg.; later will build the Staler Hotel 10
Sullivan, Louis


Important Chicago architect who designed the Guaranty-Prudential Building, an important early skyscraper 1
Talbert, Mary


Buffalonian; Civil Rights leader who was one of the founders of the NAACP 10 (Chap. 1, 23)
Talbert, Millicent


Fictional niece of Mary Talbert 1 (22)
Talbert, William


Wealthy realtor ; husband of Mary Talbert  
Urban, George, Jr.


Prominent Buffalonian; flour miller 4
Vaux, Calvert


Important American landscape architect; he and Frederick Law Olmsted designed the first American park system - in Buffalo! 2
White, Stanford


Prominent American architect; member of McKim, Mead & White, the most influential arhitectural firm in the country at the time 1
Williams, George L.


Treasurer of the Pan-American Exposition; built the house Buffalonians know as the Butler Mansion on Delaware and North.  
Wilcox, Ansley


Prominent Buffalonian; son-in-law of Dexter Rumsey; Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office in his home, now the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Center 4

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