Notable Women of Buffalo, New York, on the Internet

This page was created in 2007 as part of Buffalo Architecture and History. This explains the double logo the top of the page.

All women listed on the site are deceased.

Married women are sometimes listed under their maiden and married names.

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Other Sites

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Bethune, Louise Blanchard

Blanchard, Louise

Butler, Kate Robinson

Caldwell, Taylor

Cary. Evelyn Rumsey

Cass, Mary R.

Clement, Carolyn

Cleveland, Frances Folsom

Conger, Ella Portia

Cornell, Katharine

DeForest, Marian

Fillmore, Abigail Powers

Fillmore, Caroline Carmichael McIntosh

Folsom, Frances

Goodyear, Ella Portia

Fanny Goodyear

Green, Anna Katherine

Holmes, Maud

Kleinhans, Mary Seaton

Knox, Grace Millard

Lockwood, Belva

Love, Maria

Lowry, Stella

McDonnell, Emily

McIntosh, Caroline Carmichael

Millard, Grace

Miller, Annie Lang

Mulligan, Charlotte

Powers, Abigail

Rumsey, Evelyn

Seaton, Mary

Saint John, Margaret

Sidway, Charlotte Spaulding

Spaulding, Charlotte

Stanley, Winifred Claire

Talbert, Mary B.

Townsend, Harriet

Wendt, Margaret L.

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