Exterior - Emilie C. Weber House
190 Ashland Avenue at Hodge St., Buffalo, NY

The house's Search lists the first owner of the property as Wilhem Willink, et. al. Willink was a member of the Holland Land Co. Main Street was first named Willink Street in the original 1804 village layout by Joseph Ellicott. The company sold the property to William Hodge in 1813.

It may be of interest to note that, in 1862 (transaction #18), the Search lists a Certificate of Incorporation for The Buffalo Historical Society. In 1889, The Buffalo Historical Society sells the property to William C. Hodge.

In 1892, Emilie C. Weber sells the property to John J. Dennison for $5,000 (transaction #21). It is presumed on this Web page that Weber is the one who built the present house. The house faces Hodge Street which runs between Ashland and Delaware Avenues.

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Photo taken from Hodge St.

Note the casement windows in the second story of the porte-cochere. The attic above the porte-cochere features an eyebrow window.

Queen Anne style house, with some Shingle style features.

Double-hung (sash) windows with single panes of glass



Eyebrow window is a Shingle style features

Porte-cochere balustrade is similar to the porch balustrade

First two stories on both east and north elevations are classic Queen Anne style

Queen Anne style porch (portico)

Fluted Ionic column

North elevation

Detail from previous photo

North elevation

Rear (west) side of house

Rear (west) side of house

Special thanks to current owners Lisa and Michael Parks for their cooperation and assistance

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