357-363 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY

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Renaissance Revival style

Plinth serves a base for two columns

Engaged columns

Entablature - Medallion in metope

Gougework (detail from previous photo)

Detail from previous photo)

Recollections of a Tenant

It was built in the 20s originally planned for a 6 storey building. One of its owners during my time there (20+ years) had a grandiose plan to build the additional 2 stories onto it for apartments. I immediately reserved the top floor, SW exposure.

When built, it was "air cooled" as it was probably called, but in reality it was "water cooled." A tributary of the Buffalo River runs under the parking lot and there were two manhole in the lot where one could access the system. The building custodian knew someone out in the country who fixed this system several times. It did the job pretty well, but we had a booster fan which we used, as well. The shop faced due south and with all those wonderful show windows, it could get pretty warm in the summer.

The freight elevator could not descend totally to the basement as it would run into water! The tributaries run everywhere in that area. About 20 years ago, Virginia Street caved in near Delaware - the Buffalo River one more time.

-- Alison Fleischmann

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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