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Neoclassical Mausoleums:

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Section 23 mausoleums

Buswell-Hochstetter Mausoleum. Constructed by McDonnell & Sons

Buswell-Hochstetter Mausoleum
Greek Revival features: triglyphs, drops, Doric columns

Albert F. Laub Mausoleum. Constructed by McDonnell & Sons

Albert F. Laub Mausoleum
Palm leaves ornamentation .
Ionic capitals

Albert F. Laub Mausoleum
Bronze doors

Albert F. Laub Mausoleum
Stained glass window

Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum on hill overlooking Section 23 mausoleums

Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum
is the size of many Greek temples

Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum
Doric order features; pediment, triglyphs, drops

Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum

Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum
Bronze doors






Butler Mausoleum

Frank Goodyear Mausoleum.
Tuscan order

Seymour Knox Mausoleum
Doric order

Williams-Pratt Mausoleum
Ionic order

Josiah Letchworth-John Skinner Mausoleum
Section 7

Josiah Letchworth. Click on photo for larger size

Impressive monuments are sometimes built to honor entire families. The Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum, built in 1872, is located high on a hill with a graceful view of the acres below.

The mausoleum, a Greek temple, has three levels: basement, entry, and balcony.

Erected around 1872 for about $100,000 the mausoleum was constructed of Medina and Connecticut brown sandstone. The interior is constructed of Italian and Egyptian marble. It is the most expensive mausoleum in the cemetery.

The entry level and balcony, interior walls and ceilings are in a variety of Italian and Egyptian marbles with elegant sarcophagi and crypts.

The balcony contains an elegant sarcophagus with the remains of Mrs. Josiah Letchworth. The crypts and urns of Letchworth and other family members, totaling 32 in 2001, are located in basement crypts. There is an elegant marble stairway leading to the basement.

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