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William Hengerer
The following article is reprinted from "Men of New York," Vol. I, Buffalo: George E. Matthews & Co., 1898

William Hengerer, though born in Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1839, he is essentially an American. His school education, obtained partly in Germany and partly in this country, ended with his fourteenth year.

His father was a Lutheran minister. His family came to America in 1849 while he was still a boy, and for twelve years he lived in Pittsburgh, Penn.

At the age of twenty-two, he came to Buffalo and entered the dry-goods house of Sherman, Barnes & Co., as a clerk, at six dollars a week.

He had been in Buffalo scarcely a month when the Civil War broke out, and he enlisted as a volunteer soldier for two years as a member of the 21st regiment, N. Y. volunteers -- the first regiment to go to the front from Buffalo as part of the Army of the Potomac. Returning home in 1863, Mr. Hengerer resumed his connection with Sherman, Barnes & Co.

Mr. Hengerer married Louisa Duerr of Buffalo in 1863.

In 1874 he was admitted to the firm which was then known as Barnes, Bancroft, & Co. This was the style of the firm for eleven years when a new organization took place and the name of the firm was changed toBarnes, Hengerer & Co.

The death of the senior partner and the expansion of dry-goods houses into the modern department stores in time required a different organization, and in 1895 a joint-stock company was formed, known as The William Hengerer Company.


He has served for many years as park commissioner and as trustee of the State Normal School.

Mr. Hengerer is a member of the English Lutheran church. He is a Mason in high standing, having served as Master, High Priest, Commander, and District Deputy Grand Master.

He served as a member of the Pan-American Exposition Board of Directors. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York Section 8, Lot 177.

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Louisa Duerr Hengerer

By Patrick Kavanagh
History of Women in Forest Lawn Lawn Cemetery

Section 8, Lot 177
Date of Death: 12/31/1906
(Wife of Wm. Hengerer; Social Activis

Louisa was the wife of William Hengerer, founder of the Wm. Hengerer & Co. , a high-end department store in Buffalo, NY.

Mrs. Hengerer was socially active and the 1st President of the women's Society at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church located on Main Street near North in Buffalo.

At the time of her death she lived at 191 Linwood Avenue in Buffalo.

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