The Sattler Theatre - Table of Contents

The Sattler Theatre / Broadway / Basil's Broadway

516 Broadway, Buffalo, NY




Henry L. Spann, probably in collaboration with his much-younger brother William T. Spann.


Beaux Arts Classicism

Original owner:

John G. Sattler

2008 owner:

Western New York Minority Media Professionals Inc.

In April of 2008 (when these photographs were taken) there were plans for rehabilitating this building.

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Rand Building ...... City Hall

Polychromatic (multicolored) terra cotta is the principal feature of the once-fabulous façade

Short parapet features scrolling acanthus leaves and red panels

(Yellow) rosettes on blue background

Frieze ancones flank panels decorated with scrolling acanthus leaves on green background


Center panel: urn and white glazed scrolling acanthus leaves and flowers on green background


English strapwork: horizontal bellflowers ... acanthus leaves



Classical mask(?) using acanthus leaves

Cf., windows at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum




Buttress decorated with acanthus leaves and scrolling acanthus leaves

White glazed scrolling acanthus leaves on green background

block modillions supporting the cornice and bricks in a geometric pattern

Condition of bricks indicate that most of the façade was rebuilt

Corner of Broadway and Jefferson

Church on right (south) is St. Ann's RC Church

Photos and their arrangement © 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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