Liberty Bank/Liberty Building - Table of Contents

Liberty Bank Building / Liberty Building
424 Main Street, Buffalo, NY
Original name: German-American Bank


Building opened:
October 17, 1925
Architect: Alfred Bossom (1881-1965; Englishman)
Addition: 1961

Addition architect:

Duane Lyman Associates
The large addition  to the south side which included an extension to the banking room on the first floor


Leo Lentelli
Leo Lentelli: A Sculptor of the City Beautiful  (online April 2017)
Wikipedia: Leo Lentelli   (online April 2017)


Second Renaissance Revival skyscraper

Click on illustrations for larger size -- and additional information
Photos taken in June 2007



Foreground: City Court

Previous photo - larger size

Brisbane Building

23 stories tall

Civil War Monument

City Hall

Main Place tower and mall

Rapid Transit art

Rand Building at left

28' tall


Overall shape of (8) windows is Palladian style

Court Street


Tuscan pilaster capital


Renaissance Revival balustrade flanked by ancones

Triangular pediment supported by ancones

Lion (spout?) surrounded by anthemion

Scrolled acanthus and Ancone

Scrolled acanthus

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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